Free Christmas Craft Idea for Kids
by Kerry Beck

Kids like Christmas crafts a lot. Santa craft ideas for kids are an enjoyable and creative way of spending time with your kids during the Christmas holidays. No family will be able to resist these Christmas craft-decorating free ideas.


If you are looking for Christmas crafts and recipes geared for preschoolers, this picture-making activity is a good place to start. So, let's begin creating Santa's pictures from scratch. There are many different kinds of coloring books with Santa themes sold during Christmas. Get Santa's picture from one of those books. Cut it out, and place Santa's picture in the center of a sheet of thick, white construction paper. A glue stick will do fine to fasten it to the paper.

Color the picture with colored pencils. Once coloring is done, use wisps of cotton to serve as Santa's beard and use a small ball of cotton at the tip of his red hat. You can use small, black buttons to serve as Santa's eyes, and a red button for his nose. Fill the rest of the area of the white construction paper by drawing presents or candy canes.

When the picture is finished, your children can sign their names right under Santa's image. Take a piece of heavy cardboard and secure the picture to it. Put the picture in a frame to protect it. Place this frame in a memorable area of your house for all to look and admire.


Making Santa Christmas cards is another craft idea your kids will enjoy. Take a piece of white construction paper and measure the paper to a size of 5x7 inches. Cut the construction paper to that size. Fold the construction paper in half, either horizontally or vertically. Encourage your children to draw their own version of Santa on the front cover. Use crayons or colored markers.

After the picture is finished, your kids can write Christmas messages on the inside of the card. Homemade Christmas cards are wonderful to display in your home or send to relatives and friends. You can even add this to your Christmas craft-a-day calendar; it's a great craft to do with your kids or students.


Anything can be used here; crayons and felt pens, wisps of cotton, a round paper plate, and shiny thread cut to tiny bits. First trace or draw Santa, without his hat, on the paper plate using the crayons or pens. Use the cotton balls to serve as his beard and mustache. Or, glue the cotton together into a V-formation so that it looks like it hangs off the plate's edge. The cotton can also serve as Santa's white hair.

Use blue felt pens to color Santa's eyes, and a black felt pen to draw the glasses of Santa. Use red food color on a cotton ball to create a nose. Also, color the edges of the plate with red or green and add colored sparkles to it. Lastly, hang this homemade Christmas picture plate on the tree by inserting an ornament hook at the top of the plate.

Well that's it! There are many different ways to share with your kids on how to make Santa Christmas ornaments, pictures, and cards.

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Kerry Beck wants to give you free Advent activities to use in your Christmas & Advent celebration this year.

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