How to Make Money with Crafts
By Diane Palmer

Opening an online store for your crafts business, can be a great way to deal with the crafts you have left over after a craft show.

If you are part of the craft show circuit, then you have probably noticed, that certain crafts seem to sell better in certain areas, and there is just no rhyme or reason to this. You think you have made the perfect crafts for this season, and you almost sell them all out at one craft show, and yet are stuck with them at another.

It can be hard to figure out just what to make and what will sell, and what to do with the crafts you have left over after the craft shows.

Instead of banishing them to the basement in bins, or pawning them off on your family and friends as gifts... why not try and get your money out of them?.. Go the next step, and put your craft business online.

A craft that may not have sold well locally, might be just what a customer in Europe thinks is the cats meow!. Your online store will compliment your craft shows, and make sure you make money from all of your products. You can also set up a newsletter with your online store, and have customers sign up for it. You can let them know when your next craft show will be, and offer specials.. The ideas are endless... and will ultimately make you money.

Why banish your hard work to the basement or garage... it just takes a little organization, and a few nice pictures and before you know it, you are advertising to the world.

Put your website on your business card, so that your customers at craft shows, can see what else you have made. It is almost like a "art gallery" online. Online stores are easy to open and get started, you are given steps and templates to use, you do not need to be a computer genius..

Think about it... this could be a second wind for your products, and will get you known world wide. open an online store to sell your crafts you could be selling 24 hours a day, even while you are sleeping... article and website by Diane Palmer, who has been in the crafts business for over 15 years.

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