Learn To Make Beaded Crochet Rope - Free Beginner Crochet Instruction
By Jennifer Walter

Small rounded-off colored glass beads are known to all of us. We see them on our hand bags and fancy accessories, on paintings, shoes, jewelry and else where too, and there's no reason why they cannot be used in crochets!

Wouldn't it be a great idea if we can use these beads on our sofa cushions, pillow covers, or even to decorate our wall hangings and crochet hats? These beads could add a new lease of life to an ordinary pattern.

I am sure you will enjoy this method once you learn to make a crochet beaded rope. No reason to despair because here is your chance to learn and make your own beaded crochet. Before we go any further with the lessons I want you to understand one important thing, the use silk or cotton thread in the rope is disallowed, as they won't go the distance.

The reasons being that the heavy nature of these beads will after some time make them loose and then drop leaving you to cry foul on your efforts. Polyester threads are recommended for beaded ropes.

The other thing to remember is that try not using think thread as sewing and placing in a patterns shall not be easy as beads cannot be easily moved due the thickness of the thread. This can ruin if you are doing an intricate design. Now it is time that me start with how to do breaded crochet.

Things To Do:

1. You will need a polyester thread of size 10, Crochet hook, glass beads of size 8.

2. Put beads in the thread. Take a different thread and place fifteen. Now capsize, leave one chain & get the hook in the middle of the up half and down half of the 1st chains to start the single crochet stitch. Draw the final bead you have from last strung, attach beside the chains & hook.

3. Place the wool and hook over (wool besides hook) the bead and draw a loop. You are having 2 loops there on hook while the bead must be adjacent to chain foundation.

4. Build similarly second wool; draw a loop, resulting in one crochet stitch. Bead is just worked in the 1st wool over; the other wool is a typical make of solitary crochet stitch.

5. Replicate for all 14(remember we skipped the 1st chain)

6. Thus like circular patterns can be created. In circular pattern you would be required to attach basic chain rope using the initial point to the last using help of slip stitch.

7. The more add more rows as per desire or pattern requirements.

There are various things you can do on a completed project too, like adding beads or if projects like Tunisian crochet does not allow you to add the beads in it then you can stitch the beads on the outer part to make it attractive. But for good appearance use colorful beads and the work on it should be neat and tidy. These under mentioned websites could come in handy if you'd like to explore more ideas.

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