For Those Who Wish to Learn Knitting
By Peter Gitundu

If you wish to learn knitting, look at these instructions and with a little practice, you'll be making professional patterns. They're Making a slip knot, cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch and bind off. A slip knot is tied for secure knitting. It's simple, pull some yarn to make one loop and tie a regular knot.

Cast on: simply make a slip loop over left needle and pass right needle through loop from left to right yarn under and over right needle. Draw yarn through loop and transfer loop to left needle and continue until you've a number of stitches on left needle and your knit is ready. For knit stitch, insert right needle through first stitch of left needle, let the yarn over cross the two needles & over right needle. Pull through loop and slip over first original stitch from left needle to right needle. Repeat the process until you transfer all stitches from left to right needle.

Purl stitch: Take the yarn in front of the needle and insert right needle in first stitch on left needle. Wind yarn around back of right needle from right to left and draw loop backward which to allow the stitch to sleep off left needle to right needle.

Binding off: It's necessary once you're done knitting to seal ends of the fabric. For this, first knit two stitches and slip off first stitch over second needle. Knit another stitch and repeat the same procedure till only one stitch remains. Cut the yarn and just draw it from last loop. With this basics, select the right yarn and needles and in no time you'll be making gorgeous patterned fabrics.

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