5 Best Reasons to Knit a Scarf
By Alice Seidel

Knitting is my very favorite hobby of all time! There is nothing I love more than to poke around in my favorite LYS amidst all the soft and colorful yarn, and finger the sample projects that set my brain alight. So many things to knit; sweaters, dog coats, placemats, dishcloths, curtains, coverlets, shrugs, skirts, socks, shawls, purses, jewelry, even belts, and "food". So little time.

One of my all-time favorite projects, is of course, a scarf. And I can give you not just one reason why you, too, should knit a scarf, but I can give you five reasons to knit a scarf!

So, here they are:

1) Scarves are easy. Whether you are a beginner knitter, or have been knitting for two lifetimes, nothing quite fills the bill like knitting a scarf. Find a captivating simple pattern, then combine with a spectacular color, and I guarantee you will have a hit on your hands.

2) Scarves never need to be worked according to a gauge. You know, that irksome bit of information you see when knitting a sweater or afghan or backpack. When working on pieces of clothing "to fit", gauge can be your best friend, but in the case of a scarf, say "skip it".

3) Scarves can be knitted in a simple garter stitch, or can be incredibly complicated. It really is up to you. Then there are color changes, or not; length and width, and so much versatality to go around, that if you knit nothing but scarves your entire knitting career, you would never knit the same one twice!

4) Scarves make the best gifts. Especially when the receiver knows you knit this one yourself. Everyone appreciates the time you take, time you could be devoting to yourself or your own needs; and you chose to think of them! It's a win-win situation.

5) Lastly, remember this. Everyone needs a scarf. For those of us who see snow every year, nothing could be more welcome against your face to hold back the icy winds. But, if you reside in Tahiti or Key West, a scarf can be an alluring accessory. It hardly matters what kind of yarn you use for your scarf; mohair, wool, a light-weight or cotton yarn works just as well as worsted weight or sport. Knit in a frosty turqoise or mango or limelight color, they can be the answer to your wardrobe dreams!

So, there you have it; my five best reasons to knit a scarf. Never let it be said, I didn't tell you so!

So get to it. Knit a scarf.

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