Rag Quilts - What Makes Them Different Than Regular Quilts?
By T L Warrington

Rag quilts are a unique type of quilt that many quilters prefer making over traditional quilts. Because of this, rag quilts are growing considerably in popularity. There are several factors that make them popular. Some of the reasons include that they are easy to make, work up quickly, don't require expert sewing knowledge, and they are wonderfully warm and snugly.

Why are they easier to make than traditional quilts? As mentioned earlier, expert sewing knowledge is not necessary. If you can measure fabrics and sew a straight line (or even not so straight), then you can make a rag quilt.

Traditional quilts must be cut and measured very accurately, or the end results will suffer, but when making a rag quilt, the methods to make them are very forgiving. This means that if your measurements are off a bit, there's no reason to worry, since the edges make up the "rag" part of the rag quilt.

Also, traditional quilting requires learning many skills, such as either hand-quilting or machine-quilting once the top, bottom and middle have been assembled. The other option is to send off your quilt to a professional quilter, which means added expense and time to completion. Rag quilts, on the other hand, are "quilted" as each square is made. Once the quilt is put together, it's basically finished! The same goes for the edges of the quilts. With traditional quilts, the edges must have binding added, which is a tricky technique for some quilters. Rag quilts, however, don't require much (if any) finishing of the edges.

Another reason that many quilters prefer making rag quilts over traditional quilts is the amount of time that it takes to make them. Traditional quilts can takes weeks or even months. If you have a gift-giving occasion coming up soon, there may not be time to make a regular quilt. A rag quilt, however, can be made start to finish in a weekend.

A final reason that rag quilts are so popular is that they are just wonderful to snuggle under. After all, that's what quilts are for, right? Because they have the extra "raggy" fringes, there's extra warmth due to the amount of fabric.

While traditional quilts will always be popular, right now rag quilts are the rage of quilting! They are easy to make, very versatile, can be finished quickly, and are great for gift-giving.

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