Cool Facts About Crochet Animals - Learn Something New!
By Raine Wellington

Crochet animals are very popular in the United States and some Asian cultures, particularly Japan where it is known as amigurumi They are valued because of their cute features and the versatility/ variety in which they can be made. A person is limited by their own creativity in the craft of crochet, because it is possible to use your crochet hook and the yarn to make almost anything!

The beginnings of crochet are really rather hazy. It is likely to have come from Asia or South America. Fortunately, its real popularity within the western world very likely resulted from the Industrial Revolution, when inexpensive pre-spun yarn turned into a commonly accessible commodity. It became particularly popular in Ireland throughout the Irish Famine where it ended up being proposed as a method to reduce unemployment. Congrats to the Irish for giving us Irish Lace!

Now on to my favorite topic--crochet animals!

I have seen many different pictures of crochet animals and learned a lot about them. In fact, there are places where you may be able to find people offering free patterns for their stuffed animals and some people may offer their patterns for a price if they are more complex. It is amazing to see the variation that can result from one type of animal. For example a simple crochet dog result might lead you to several different dog breeds that have been created, or, you may find that some animals simply are unique artist's interpretations of the original animal.

Yes, I do consider crochet to be a form of art. It is possible to generate unique forms of expression based on the artist's mood, thoughts, and intended outcome. It can be a way to freelance a new creation or it can be a way to alleviate some tough stress. All of these feelings are immortalized in the piece of crochet and each is, be it amigurumi or one of the many other forms of crochet, unique to the individual that created it. So anyone up for adding crochet to the fine arts colleges?!

I'm being facetious of course, I am just willing to share with you my love of crochet and also to guarantee that everyone who is curious is aware of the fact that crocheting can be accomplished by anyone and everyone. It is very flexible and additionally can produce numerous utilitarian items along with other items more geared toward fun, like crochet animals. I hope which I can encourage somebody to become a crochet enthusiast. Satisfy yourself and participate in the fun!

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