Cocoknits: Inspiring Your Creations
By Nancy Queen

Julie Weisenberger grew up in Austria and had a passion for knitting designs early on. She studied in Austria, and while there, learned how to knit at a shop in town. When she arrived back in the U.S., she had a passion for knitting and wanted to develop knitting designs of her own.

As Julie's business grew, she sold her knitting designs to major companies such as Nordstrom. However, her main focus was on teaching knitting to others. Out of this interest, she developed Cocoknits. Cocoknits has become known for being a resource to knitters, an inspiration to artists and a creative guide for anyone wanting to learn the art of knitting.

Cocoknits patterns are easy to use and were not created to be a formal structured pattern. Rather, Cocoknits patterns are to be thought of as a guide for knitters. They should use their own creative instincts to develop the pattern into what they want. That is why the artist has the choice of texture, color, and shape of the pattern. Cocoknits patterns allow the artist to express themselves through creativity.

There are many patterns to choose from and six categories which include women, men, babies, accessories, interiors and free patterns. One can design anything from a decorative living room curtain, to a new born baby blanket. Cocoknits can be used as a resource for developing one's own fashion business, or simply to enjoy a new found hobby.

There are various yarns for knitting and certain ways to use them. This unique company provides access to many tools necessary to learn the types of yarns for knitting. There is a journal that provides information on yarn usage, as well as tutorials. Also provided are tips and techniques which are up-to-date. The workshops and events are an excellent way to learn about knitting, yarns, patterns and designs.

Whether a first-time student or an experienced knitter, this is an excellent tool for knitting anything from a blanket to a modern sweater. Fashion is a growing industry. It is always changing and evolving. As an artist, the goal is to move forward, inspire and create artwork that others can enjoy and love. To some, knitting is simply a hobby that provides an outlet for entertainment. To others, it is a passion in life and a way to express one's creativity and love for fashion. Either way, knitting can be done better with the help of this knitting tool.

At Noble Knits, we are proud to be your one stop shop for all things knitting. We have a very experienced and knowledgeable staff that can assist you at every turn of your shopping experience. We were founded in 1999 because our owner, Nancy Queen, had a passion for knitting, crocheting and all things yarn. It is Nancy's goal to provide each and every customer with top of the line customer service so that everyone can enjoy the very latest in designer yarns and knitting patterns without a hassle.

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