Making A Knitted Cap With A Brim
By Loretta Crowder

It's funny, but when I was younger, ear flaps were to be worn for warmth, and those knitted hats usually had a brim on them as well. To this day, I think the ear flaps may be good for the warmth factor, but they do nothing for the appearance and fashion factors! Times sure have changed haven't they?

However, this new fashion of a knitted brim is simply an old-fashioned toque with the brim rolled over - nothing special in my world at least!

Yet you see a lot of younger people pulling their toque on straight (usually right down to their eyebrows) so that they look like their pants should be pulled up to their shoulder blades to match the style of the incorrectly worn toque - new fad or laziness?

If a knitted cap with a brim is worn correctly (and those are the magical words aren't they?), they do look incredibly sharp and do make an awesome fashion statement.

You do not have to use an older pattern for the knitted toque to get a brim on your home knitted cap, but if you want to do that, it's okay - simply alter the pattern so that the rolled part at the bottom of the toque doesn't have as much wool to turn over - the new brims are shorter and soft. This can be done, very simply in fact.

What I would do, personally, is to shorten the hat at the back and decrease the stitches to allow for the addition of the brim. At this point, if you pick up stitches and use a garter stitch, you will find it easy to attach a brim to your knitted hat.

If you would like a stiff brim on your knitted hat, use plastic or some such stiff material to form the brim and knit around it. By using your imagination, you can be right in style and maybe even create a new fashion statement at the same time.

In order to home knit a hat brim, you must know how to knit in the round and how to increase your stitches. You must also know how to knit with 2 strands of different wool of the same weight (for warmth). For an added look, you may consider felting your hat for another fashionable look. (Don't felt your hat with terry towel - it shreds and will ruin your look you are trying to achieve.)

Keep in mind that if you cast off your stitches too tightly, the brim will not lie flat.

Please remember that because these hats are knitted loosely, they must be laundered in hot water to allow for shrinking before they are worn. They must be laid flat with periodic shaping as they dry for the full effect.

This all may sound very complicated - but that is what exactly what it amounts to - sounds. It is really quite simple to do and everyone should try it.

Will you be wearing a felted, home knitted hat with a brim this holiday season?

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