How to Crochet Baby Booties
By Loretta Crowder

The first thing you must know, in fact this is essential, is that the edges must be even in the finished bootie - otherwise, how do you expect them to fit, or how do you expect to have a straight seam in the finished project? To me, the straight edge on the finished work is the first essential ingredient to success.

Another common mistake home crocheters make before they start their projects is that the instructions for the various stitches used are not read or utilized. This is more common than you may think. For example, what is FPDC (front post double crochet), and for that matter how do you make this stitch that is so common in baby booties?

Are you using the proper size hook? Substitutions are not always the answer when you want perfection and you are not working with the proper materials to achieve that perfection.

Before you started crocheting those baby booties, did you check your gauge? If this is the source of your problem, how hard are you berating yourself at this point for not checking that crucial factor? I'm sure that you realize by now that gauge is a crucial factor in any home-made project!

Are you using the right weight of yarn for the pattern you are making? The right weight of the yarn is another very important factor in achieving success in this venture you have undertaken. Remember, that if the pattern you are using calls for a 4-ply yarn, you must have a 4-ply yarn, not only to achieve the right thickness of the finished project, but also for the right size and shape of that same project.

I am unable to see the mistakes you are making when you are saying that you can't make baby booties, so you must review your own work and be critical when you are doing this. Go from the start to the finish and check each and every detail along the way - usually the mistake is small, and you should know better than to have made such a silly mistake. To be blunt, if someone else finds your mistake for you, you will never learn from this experience will you? Are you one on those people who doesn't want to learn from their mistakes?

If you are able, through the process of elimination, to find your mistakes, you will learn from it and be a better home crocheter for it. It takes a bit more time, but trust me, its well worth the effort - and in the end, those baby booties will mean more to you!

Have you tried to find your mistake through the process of elimination? Have you thought about the finished project and the pride you will feel when it is correct and looks awesome?

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