Lining a Crocheted Tote
By By Rhelena R.

It's not hard to line a crocheted tote, nor does it have to take long when you follow a few simple steps. Lining a crocheted tote helps to reduce the stretch of the crocheted fabric making it more durable. Both the handles and the bag can be lined in a few simple steps.

You can use just about any type of fabric for lining the bag as long as it's not too stretchy.

The first thing you need to do is take measurements of the tote and the handle(s). Then simply add your seam allowance to the dimensions and you're all set for cutting your material. Seam allowances should be 1/2-5/8" depending on how comfortable you are with sewing.

Once the fabric is cut, press the seams in order to make it easier for sewing. If you are using a fabric that frays easy, you can use a serger to serge the fabric edges. It's easier to serge the edges before sewing the pieces together, but you might also be able to do it after you sew each seam.

Sew the handbag lining either with a machine or by hand. Basically you are sewing a second bag, which will be hand-sewn into the inside of the crocheted bag. You can use a running stitch or an overlock stitch. A running stitch is less visible, however, an overlock is quicker to make.

The handles can be lined before or after they have been attached to the bag. Position the handle lining over the crocheted handle so that the wrong side of the fabric is facing the underside (wrong side) of the crocheted handle.

Pin in place.

Then with a needle and matching thread, hand-sew the two pieces together along the machine stitches with a running stitch. You don't have to go into every machine stitch; depending on the length of the stitches you might only need to work into every second to third stitch.

Turn the crocheted bag with the wrong side facing out. Then with the right side of the lining facing out, slip it over the crocheted bag. Hand-sew the lining to the bag in the same way the straps were done.

Turn bag right side out. Now you have a strong crocheted bag suitable for just about anything. You can insert a zipper and turn the tote into a purse. The zipper can actually be attached before or after the lining is sewn to the bag. If you attach it before the lining is attached to the bag, then you can use your machine for a super quick and professional sewing job. Otherwise you can sew it on by hand.

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