4 Easy Thanksgiving Craft Ideas For Kids
By Toasha R Jiordano

The time is upon us. Pull out all those brown and orange sweaters, and grab a cup of hot cocoa. Relax by the fire and read book after book from your favorite author. Oh... what? You have kids? Nevermind!

But have no fear. I'm here to show you some easy craft ideas that any elementary aged child can do. The older ones will love it too, if you can get them to be in the same room with you long enough.

Thankful Turkey

Have each family member write down a couple things they're thankful for on cut out feathers. Poke the feathers into the turkey's back and watch the thankful plumage bloom!

What You Need:

Fall colored construction paper



Pipe cleaners

Yarn (dark and light brown) (preferably ball/ not skein)

Wooden craft stick (or popsicle stick)

Felt material or more construction paper

Optional: Store bought googly eyes or other facial features

How To: If your dark brown yarn is already formed into a ball, you're halfway there. If not, go ahead and tightly wind a large ball. This will be the body of your turkey. Using the lighter brown, make a smaller ball, proportional to your turkey's body. The popsicle stick or wooden craft stick will attach the head and body portions of the turkey. To make the facial features, either cut out the felt or construction paper for the eyes, beak, and wattle. Store bought items can be glued to the face as well. Cut the feathers from orange, brown, yellow, green, and red construction paper. Have the family members write their thankful messages on each feather. Glue the pipe cleaner to the back of the feather, like a stem. Insert the feathers into the turkey's back, fanned out.

Turkey Balloons

Turn ordinary balloons into turkeys!

What You Need:

Fall colored balloons

Fall colored construction paper

Glue or tape

Magic Markers


How To: Cut as many turkey shaped heads out of brown construction paper as you'll need. After you have your turkey heads, cut 4-5 leaf-shaped feathers per turkey in different colors of construction paper. Blow up your balloons - not too full - they need to be strong enough for little fingers! Draw your turkey faces. Don't forget the red wattle! You can draw designs on the feathers at this point as well, if you want. Either glue or tape the turkey head to one end of the balloon, and the feathers to the other. Tie your string to the tip of the balloon and watch the turkeys fly!

Cozy Autumn Blanket

While this might not seem easy to some, many kids these days are learning to crochet again. It's a wonderful pastime and the sense of accomplishment is a great confidence booster. If you aren't confident in your own crochet skills, check out a couple tutorial videos here. For this purpose of explaining to children, I won't use abbreviations.

What you need:

Soft, plush fall colored yarn (2-5 skeins depending on length)

Size J Crochet hook (personal favorite for kid fingers)



Loosely chain any multiple of 4, checking the desired length before you stop. This is the width of your blanket so plan accordingly. When you've reached the desired length, chain one more and turn. Wrap the thread around the hook once, and double crochet into first loop. Double crochet 3 more times. On the 4th loop, double crochet twice into the same hole. Continue this pattern by 4s to the end of the chain. Turn, chain 1, then repeat the same pattern as before (double crochet x 4, then an extra double crochet in 4th loop). This will create a slight wave pattern if done correctly. (It will also teach kids how to count by 4!) When complete, tie off and cut remaining thread.


Easy turkey shaped cookies!

What you need:

Your favorite cookie dough, refrigerated

Multiple colors of squeezable icing

Pretzel stick or other 'leg shaped' salty snack

Baking pan

Optional: plate or cutting board

How to make:

Preheat oven to temperature on your cookie dough packaging. Make sure cookie dough is pliable for little fingers. Sugar cookies are best and the least messy, but any dough will work. Work the cookie dough into kid-fist sized balls. Then let the child squish the dough onto a plate, cutting board, or baking pan. Shape dough around child's fingers, spreading them apart slightly. Place pretzel sticks or your choice of salty snack at the bottom of the cookie to create the legs. Repeat until pan is full of turkookies! Cook accordingly.

Once cookies have cooled, let the child decorate fingers as feathers with the different colors of icing. Decorate the thumb as a turkey head with brown or black.

I hope you and your children try at least one of these great holiday ideas! My kids and I have done all of them. The blankets are the biggest hit with the older kids. We actually took out last year's blankets over the weekend and they're still as beautiful as ever!

I'll be back later with some Christmas themes!

Toasha Jiordano is an author in the Tampa, FL area who enjoys reading, writing, and crafts with her kids. Check her out at toashajiordano.wordpress.com or find her work on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Take-Me-Home-Ashley-Jiordano-ebook/dp/B00FZ8N79S/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1382705120&sr=8-3&keywords=toasha+jiordano

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