Knitting And Embroidery Tips To Improve Your Home
By Timur Karipov

A home that is attractive and well kept tends to be warm and inviting for all. Adding decorative pieces such as embroidery and knitted home fabrics can transform a home from a cold unattractive one to one that is warm and homely. You can choose anything from seat covers to table cloths to create a cozy home look. By investing in a good sewing machine, you can make embroideries on your plain tablecloths and covers to create unique personalized pieces for your furniture. Apart from embroidery, you can learn a few knitting tricks to come up with a thread and crotchet pieces that you have done yourself. When knitting or doing embroidery:

Choose the right thread color: It can be determined by the items that you have within your home. For instance, if you are knitting or embroidering pieces for your seats, you should consider the color of the seats. This will make it easy for you to choose a thread color that will complement the seat color. You can play with the colors to avoid having the same colors with everything in the set.

Choose an elegant design: When personally knitting or embroidering, you will have the liberty of coming up with the design that you feel will work best for your home. When choosing the design, remember that the beauty of your furniture pieces is also important. You therefore want to go for a design that will offer attractive coverage without hiding too much of the furniture beauty. You can come up with unique designs that add a sparkle to the existing furniture beauty.

In case you are not particularly happy with the look of your furniture, you can choose a design which covers most parts of the furniture. A flowing tablecloth that is elegantly embroidered can make a huge different to your old table for instance. You can also add accessories to the tablecloth without overly doing it. It is a simple way of continuing enjoying your furniture piece without total replacement and without putting up with the old unattractive look.

Choose the simple but attractive patterns: This is, especially when knitting. There are so many knitting techniques which can get you different results. It is advisable to choose simple patterns which are attractive enough. You do not want to end up making the room look overdone with heavy patterns.

Knitting and embroidery is not always easy for many people. However, there are books online which offer the simple basics of achieving the very best with the two. Some of the free books give step by step guidelines, making it easy for you to follow and achieve good results. They also contain knitting and embroidery techniques and ideas that you can use to come up with unique pieces for your home. You can download books for free to keep reference to your knitting and embroidery needs. You will be amazed at just how transformational such personalized pieces can make in your home décor.

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