How to Choose the Right Yarn for Knitting Patterns
By Katherine Foster

There are a great deal of knitting patterns available for crafters. Some prefer to make their own, some borrow them from friends or family, they are available at a relatively low cost from craft stores and they are even available online from websites such as knitpro. However these patterns are come across, the finished product depends a great deal on the type of yarn that is used.

Many patterns require a certain type or weight of yarn is used in order for the pattern to be followed effectively. Many will also say what brand was used. Sometimes knitters may find themselves wondering if a heavier or lighter type can be used for the pattern and still have the desired product. Most of the time this is possible with just a little bit of work by the knitter.

Yarn is manufactured and classified by weight or ply. It is available in an assortment of colors or can come undyed. It is typically made from materials such as cotton, wool or acrylic and the type of material can also affect the thickness of the yarn. While most pattern instructions will suggest a certain type or weight of yarn it is completely up to the knitter to decide, how they wish for the garment to lay or the look they are hoping for, on the kind they actually use.

There are several types of yarn from very lightweight to much heavier types. Yarns such as lace, cobweb, fingering or sport are the lightest weight and thinnest yarns out there. These weights of yarn are typically used for everything from making lace doilies and socks to making baby clothes. However they can make beautiful delicate scarves or lightweight decorative hats.

Some of the medium weight yarns include worsted yarns, aran yarn and afghan yarn.

These yarns are a good choice for blankets and sweaters and can be knitted together or "doubled up" in order to give it a thicker texture. They yarns are very versatile and can also be used for scarves or thicker socks and slippers and even mittens. They are easier to work with than some of their thicker counterparts making them quite popular amongst weights of yarn.

The heaviest weights of yarn includes chunky, roving or rug yarn. These yarns are excellent choices for making garments extra thick and heavy. By using varying needle sizes they can make a wide spaced garment or a tightly woven garment for a variety of looks.

Needle size is important when working with yarn. Many manufacturers will recommend a particular needle size for a certain type of yarn, however by trying out other sizes knitters will be able to find the one that is right for their project. By trying out different sizes of needles and types of yarn knitters have been able to make items just how they want them following their patterns.

For determining how many stitches are needed per square as well as much yarn is needed when following a particular pattern, it is suggested to make a sample block. By knitting a four inch square the knitter would be able to get a good idea of how it would look in the overall pattern as well as if it is giving the desired effect they were looking for. They would then be able to determine if the yarn and needle they are experimenting with would be a good fit for that pattern.

Finding knitting patterns at craft stores or on knitpro and many other sites is a great way for knitters to get ideas for projects. Knitters will be able to use a variety of needle sizes as well as yarn types for these projects. As long as they put in a little extra work in finding the right yarn for their desired outcome they will be able to knit beautiful pieces while still following the same basic patterns.

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