The Joys of Knitting
By Michel Maling

I have loved knitting from an early age, and it is something that I will do well into old age.

From the age of five, I remember my Mom and my Grandmother patiently teaching me - in, over, through, out, in over, through out. As a five year old, I was given thick needles and thick wool and the best I could manage was a holey scarf for Barbie, but I remember that proud feeling of joy that I had actually made something on my own.

Nowadays, I don't know many five year olds that knit anymore, and a lot of people think that knitting is only something that grannies do, but the art of knitting is still alive and kicking, judging by all the online content, magazines and fancy knitting wool and patterns available for the able and creative.

As a teenager, I moved on to scarves, straight up and down jerseys, and even leg warmers which were the rage during the eighties. I remember it as a popular hobby, like loombands are today, as all my friends were in the process of knitting something or other. I remember sitting in front of the television and knitting each night. To this day I still can't sit in front of a television set with nothing in my hands to do.

Knitting is a very rewarding hobby. Because it takes quite some work before you produce anything, you are taught the art of delayed gratification. It is a great way to exercise your hands and get rid of stress. You will feel a sense of satisfaction as you are creating something of beauty yourself, and not buying it off the shelf. Knitted projects make wonderful and most appreciated gifts for loved ones.

My Mom used to knit for profit, as she was a full time housewife, and she had a wonderful thing called a knitting machine. She would make and sell mostly school jerseys, character jerseys and jackets. With a knitting machine, you can whip out a garment in less than a half a day, which is why you could use this method to make a profit with your knitting, as the hours of labour are greatly reduced.

Today, knitting has evolved and with the fancy knitting machines of today, you would probably be able to whip up dozens of jerseys in a day, as a lot of them can knit on automatic, which leaves you free to do your housework.

So, if you are looking for a creative, fun, inspiring hobby, why not try knitting. You won't be sorry.

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