Different Types Of Yarns Along With Their Uses
By Katherine Foster

For those who don't know what is a yarn and where it is used must read this article. A Yarn is a string, which is composed of several interlocked fibers that are used in the production of knitting, crocheting, textiles and sewing. There are many different fibers that form a knitting yarn. The most popular fiber that is used to form a knitting yarn is cotton. If you want to know about the most popular animal fiber, then it has to be wool. However, there are several other types of fibers available as well, such as Alpaca, Cashmere and Angora.

Alpaca is one of the youngest of the entire trio. The Alpaca fiber is known for its great strength and durability. The strength is a lot higher than other wool fibers, but this fiber is quite soft as well. You will find an impressive range of colors in Alpaca such as, black, white, beige, light and dark brown.

If you want to knit using one of the best quality yarns, then you should blend Alpaca fiber with wool. This will make a great combination and the cloth made from it would be soft and rugged at the same time. It is important to use the best quality yarn to make clothes for the winters. When it comes to sheep wool, there are basically two categories that are used in knitting yarn. These two categories are worsted and woolen. The characteristics of both the yarns are different. The yarn formed by the worsted wool will be smooth and firm, whereas the yarn results from the woolens will be a bit fuzzier and low on strength.

When talking about the natural fibers, there are two most important knitting yarns namely, linen and silk. If you want to knit using the natural fiber, then you can use either of these two fibers. There are many synthetic fibers available in the market as well. These are made using Acrylic, which is blended with the wool most of the time. The second synthetic fiber that is widely used is Nylon. You will see many socks made using the Nylon yarn.

There are many online stores where you can find a huge variety of knitting yarns priced according to their sizes and quality. Lace weight yarns are quite popular among the ladies because they are very soft and the clothes made from them look wonderful as well. The normal yarn like cotton and wool are priced low, whereas the luxury yarn such as, possum worsted, super merino, Hana silk, pure silk, zephyr and baby alpaca will be priced higher. Some stores will give you great discounts on the bulk order, so if you are planning to buy any fiber, then make sure that you buy many of them.

Before you start knitting, you must know the properties of the yarn. All yarns are not same and if you choose the wrong one, then it may affect the look and feel of the garment. If you are ordering online, then make sure that you read all the details related to the fiber, such as weight, type, fiber content, type of knitting yarn and suitability (whether it suits your project or not). You will also have to assume the length you want to make the garment.

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