Silly Kids Crafts Your Children Will Love, But Won't Make a Big Mess
By Sara Duggan

You need ideas for silly and fun kids crafts for your children but you don't want them to make a big mess - what do you do? You could give them a box of colors and a coloring book or grab a craft idea from this list of 20 non messy sometimes silly kids crafts.

Mess free can mean something different to each mom. For me it means no paints, no small tiny pieces of paper, no liquids, and no permanent markers.

For others it is no beads, no crayons, nothing sticky and absolutely nothing that is used as a projectile object or a weapon against a sibling.

Yarn Crafts Ideas for Children

The only supplies needed for these crafts are a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors. You can make a simple pom-pom using a fork, a piece of cardboard, or invest in a pom-pom maker for a kid friendly and stress less craft.

1. Yarn pom-pom

2. Finger Knit Bracelet (Necklace)

Mess Free Paper Crafts

Paper crafts can go either two ways - simple and entertaining or frustrating and messy.

3. Hands Across the World Garland - simply trace the child's hand, cut out, and string up to create a bunting

4. Paper Folding - check out some origami videos on YouTube for quick and easy folds like a bouncing frog, or ninja star

5. Zentangle - this craft is so simple even adults can do it. Using square pieces of paper, a pen or pencil, add lines, circles and other shapes to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art

6. Mustache - print out a mustache and hold it up to your face. For added silly fun, take photos.

7. Paper bag friends (fish, pirate, etc stuffed with plastic or blow up bag)

8. Super Hero Finger Puppet - take a piece of paper and make a little cape, tape it to your child's finger for an instant super hero

9. Paper Flowers - draw flowers and cut them out

Silly Crafts to Make Your Children Smile

10. Toilet Roll Binoculars I Spy - make a pair of binoculars and play the game "I Spy"

11. Sunglasses (googly eyes) - take a pair of dollar store glasses and glue some googly eyes to the shades for instant silly glasses

12. Add a Smile - draw a silly smiley face to a piece of paper or cardboard add a Popsicle stick and have a photo shoot with all your silly faces.

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Children

13. Butterfly - you need a coffee filter and a pipe cleaner. Add the pipe cleaner to the middle of the filter and shape into a butterfly

14. Pipe Cleaner Bracelets, Bookmarks and/or Wands - you'll need beads and pipe cleaner. Knot one end, add your beads, and knot the other end. For a wand, shape one end (star or heart) add your beads, and knot the end.

Slightly Mess Free Sticker Crafts

15. Sticker Landscape Art - have your child draw a background, print one out or cut out a scene from a magazine. Just add stickers.

16. Duct Tape - colored and decorative duct tape and some paper is all you need

17. Sticker Books - fold a piece of 8 " x 11" paper in four and cut. Staple one side. Make a cover and then add stickers to each page.

Recycled Cardboard Crafts

18. Bookmarks - use old cracker boxes or cereal boxes to cut bookmarks out. Let your child decorate them and add a ribbon to the top

19. Cardboard finger puppet - with an old cereal box cut out a rectangle with two finger holes in the bottom. Let your child draw his own little friend and play.

20. Photographer (cardboard) - cut out a camera and go on a photo shoot

Crafts with children don't have to messy. Take what you all ready do and make clean versions. Given simple supplies children naturally use their imagination to make their own silly fun.

And now I'd like to share Crafts for Children - Fingerknitting 2 by Katsuno Suzuki. You'll find my review as well as video tutorials to help you get started in this fun craft. Follow me on Pinterest for more crafty ideas.

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