Environmental Friendly Yarns
By Katherine Foster

Many people are really interested in keeping some good hobby which they can live with throughout their life. Hobby is something that you do in your daily routine and then eventually it becomes a collection of many things. Many girls have found to be in hobby of knitting and they collect different basic stuff for knitting as well. Collecting different type of fabrics and yarns is also the part of hobby of those people who like to knit and sew. Many people are concerned whether their hobby is environmental friendly or not. Because there can be such acts that can provide harm to the environment so they have to be careful about that. This article will be focusing on different types of yarn that can people use for their hobby and they can also collect and can use them for wearing purposes because it has many good features that will never put you into any sort of mess.

Some yarns are environmental friendly and they have no effect on the environment when they are used or burnt. One such type includes Bamboo yarn. Bamboo is known to be a very environmental friendly substance whose wood is also very useful from the environmental perspective. Bamboo yarn is originally made up from 100% bamboo and it has no other harmful substances that could cause any harmful effect to the environment and to the human skin as well. Some people are very much allergic to yarn stuff and they cannot breathe properly if yarn is around them. But bamboo yarn is free of allergic stuff.

Bamboo yarn has a very soft and silky feel and it comes in 16 different natural colors. Another type of yarn that is very environmental and user friendly is organic Marino yarn. This type of yarn is original and it is made up of 100% pure cotton, which means that there is no mixing of extra harsh substances that would cause any sort of allergy to the user or provide any harmful effects to the environment. Just like bamboo yarn, it has also a very soft and silky feel and it can be washed easily when required. It silkiness remains there even if it is washed many times. The indicator of a good quality yarn is that it never gets rough no matter how many times you have washed it.

Corn yarn is another type of yarn that is made from the substance of corn known as corn fiber. This type of yarn is comparatively new than other yarn material available in the market. The best thing about this type of yarn is that you can not only wash this yarn but you can also do the cleaning purposes in the dryer as well. This type of yarn has wide strands and can be used to make many knitting stuff including gloves and mufflers. Liama eco soft yarn is another type of yarn which is very environmental friendly and it is extremely soft as compared to the rest of the types of yarns.

The conditions for this type of yarn to wash is that you need cold water to wash it otherwise the silkiness and softness gets decreased with the passage of time. This yarn is comprised of 20% alpaca fleece and 80% iilama fleece. Just like other yarns, it is also non allergic and have no harmful effects on the human body. All these type of yarns are available at reasonable prices and with the help of these yarns, now you can enhance your hobby of knitting and can produce beautiful yarn stuff for your loved ones and for yourself as well.

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