What to Put in a Gift Basket
By John Gibb

Many stores sell pre-made gift baskets with a good selection of fresh produce or flowers, but they usually also sell the baskets, so you can make a gift basket yourself if you want to. But what would you put in your DIY gift basket? Here are a few ideas.

One of the best things to put in a gift basket is fruit Ė itís sweet, itís not too expensive, itís a treat (especially if you get exotic fruits), and it somehow feels like it belongs in a basket, especially a wooden one. You can even keep the fruit in the basket until you eat it, and it makes a nice ornamental alternative to a fruit bowl.

For children, a basket full of pick Ďní mix sweets could be a real hit, especially if you know what their favourites are. This works especially well if you have quite a lot of children or you have relatives that do, as it can be a special present for all of them and they can share the sweets out between themselves.

Flowers are another great thing to put in a gift basket, especially ones youíve grown and picked yourself, or found in the wild Ė itís much more personal that going to a florist, and often prettier too.

Really, though, the best thing to do is to just find out what the personís favourite thing is, and fill a giftbasket with that. If theyíre a big fan of cheese, get a whole load of cheeses and fill a basket with them. If they like jam, do it with jam Ė and so on. This way the person will be flattered that it is a special basket just for them, and that you went to the time to put in that much thought and pick the things that went in it. And since it is a basketful of something they love, they are guaranteed to really enjoy their present.

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