How to Make Paper Airplanes
By Emma Drosy

There are many designs of paper airplanes and they all work well. Here's a design that has stood the test of time. Always remember to use a nice letter size sheet of paper. Avoid heavy paper, you paper plan wont be able to take flight. Also Use a white sheet of paper, so designs can be drawn on very easy.

1. Take an oblong piece of paper that is twice as long as it is wide.
2. Fold the top half (which is in the form of a square) to form an equilateral triangle. Unfold and repeat from the other side. Now you'll have a shape with creases as shown in Fig. A.
3. Fold the paper along the crease lines and fold the remaining part along the dividing lines to make a shape like that shown in Fig. B.
4. Fold each half further to form the shape shown in Fig. C.
5. Fold the top flaps as shown in Fig. D.
6. Fold the top portion to form the shape shown in Fig. E.
7. Open the flaps at the top to form the shape shown in Fig. F
8. Finally fold the entire piece along the line at the center to form the shape shown in Fig. G.
Tear it along the dotted line and open at the center. Your paper plane is ready.

Free Paper Plane Layouts !

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