Easy-As-Pie Knitting Gift Idea #3!
By Alice Seidel

With Halloween just a memory, Christmas is almost upon us! Nothing seems to be a more appropriate gift than one which is "homemade."

You know, once upon a time that word, "homemade" used to mean something cheap or tacky, or maybe, you didn't have the extra money to buy gifts at the mall. But, that's not the case anymore.

If there can be numerous TV stations dedicated to nothing but crafts, all day long, you know "homemade" is here to stay! Of course, "hand-made" is more the trendy word, but, either way you say it, it comes down to the same thing. Made by you!

I enjoy crafting, for Christmas, especially, but also for very unique home touches, that have turned my home into, well, "my home." What I really know about though, is knitting.

Knitting gifts are the best gifts to give, and also to receive! Once you have knitted up some of your own "hand-made" goodies, you will wonder why you waited so long! And they don't need to be items that would take half a year to complete! Sometimes, the best and most enjoyable knittables are those you can finish in an evening or a weekend. Who said small isn't good? Diamonds, anyone?

So far,in this series, we have patterns for scarves and placemats. (They are in former articles, "Easy-as-pie knitting Gifts #1 & #2.)

Today, is Gift Idea #3 -- ribbon bracelets. Even if you wouldn't wear one yourself, I just bet you have daughters or nieces or neighborhood pre-teens who would appreciate all the accessories they can get their hands on! After all, we are talking girls here!

To knit up ribbon bracelets, any ribbon yarn will do. Or you can vary the texture and use a "fancy fur". Either way knitted bracelets are easy to knit, and you can make quite a few for next to nothing.

Now, I'm not advocating stinginess or being cheap, but, most yarn is inexpensive, and when knitted up into sweaters, booties, baby items, afghans, bedspreads, hats, socks, or holiday items, they look like a million bucks! Well, at least, much more than they cost!

Ribbon yarn is wonderfully easy to knit with; and using a small needle, say size 4 or 5, cast on 8 stitches minimum. Then, just knit every row. When you have your desired length, bind off and sew up the seam, and you're done. Probably no more than one hour's worth of time; but you now have a knitted bracelet. Colors abound, so have fun deciding. And, of course, you can make your bracelets as wide across as you want, as well as small or large as desired. They make great craft show items.

Any large store, such as Wal-Mart, or JoAnn's, will carry ribbon yarn. If you don't see it, ask for it or ask for them to order it for you, or buy it online.

Get busy knitting, and next time out will be Knitting Gift Idea #4!

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