Buy a Book on Knitting to Get Started Quickly
By Toby Russell

Getting started in any hobby or activity can be daunting, but with a good book that can be constantly refereed back to, the whole learning process can be speeded up. And even for experienced knitters – a good book can act as a quick “refresher” when required.

Listed below are just of few of 1000’s currently available, just to get you started.

There is a wide variety of knitting books available which can be purchased either at bookshops, some knitting shops sell them or over the internet. You will be amazed of how many books you will find covering the subject and at all different levels as well.

Amazing choice

You can find knitting books by famous knitters like Melissa Mathay, Melissa Leapman, Liv Ullman, Candi Jensen, Cat Bordhi, Leigh Radford, Jillian Moreno, Nancy Bush, Amy Singer, Pam Allen, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, The Yarn Girls, Lynn Vogel, Annie Modesitt, Jane Davis, Vickie Square, Jil Eaton, Erika Knight, Nicky.

You can find books for beginners, like 25 Gorgeous Sweaters For The Brand New Knitter By Catherine Ham , or conversely books with very complicated patterns really only suitable for experienced knitters.

You can also find books that specialize on a certain area of the hobby like books for scarves and shawls lovers- Scarves and Shawls for Yarn Lovers by Carri Hammett, books about socks , like Simple Socks: Plain and Fancy , books about knitted toys – toys to knit:

Starting out ...........

Dozens Of Patterns For Heirloom, Dolls, Doll Clothes , Animals& Accessories. In this last book each pattern is carefully explained, with clear charts and detailed instructions, so even the less-experienced knitter will find them easy to follow.It begins with the pattern for the Basic Doll with fingering weight yarn, dressed in a large variety of outfits, from a wrap top and full skirt to a sailor suit or a traditional kimono.

Once you have mastered the simple doll pattern, you can experiment with different facial expressions and hairstyles to create your own cast of characters. This knitting book also shows you how to make a stylish doll by adding accessories such as leg warmers, tutus, little shoes, and striped panties. Separate patterns are given for a wonderland of animals, mostly worked in worsted weight yarns, from Tucker the Monkey and Penguin, to Kangaroo and Baby Roo.

For the more experienced ………..

There are also books that teach you how to knit faster, like Speed Knitting by Kris Percival , which is very useful because you are helped by simple diagrams, photos of each finished project, a comprehensive techniques section, and straightforward language throughout.

Believe it or not, knitting isn’t really such a boring activity as many would originally think, after all and there are people who have found their true inspiration in knitting and for whom knitting has become a very satisfying, interesting hobby & in some instances an excellent money earner..

2 Handy books for beginners ……….

There are also very useful books that introduce you to the world of knitting by explaining the basics like patterns, designs, sizes, gauges and more- The Knitter's Handy Book Of Pattern, Basic Designs In Multiple Sizes & Gauges By Ann Budd , The Big Book of Knitting by Katharina Buss. In the latter book beginners will find everything they need to make their first knitting projects, and experienced knitters will enjoy the photos of the creative process and the finished projects.

All the essential techniques appear, from needles to fabrics along with a variety of stitches and weaves--not only the basics, but also intricate double-face, jacquard, and intarsia.

It teaches you how to add buttons and buttonholes, zippers, borders, and pockets. weave or embroider one of many popular designs onto the fabric. If you like to change the way you finish off and you want your knitted things to be more interesting, you can find here how you can make pompons, piping, fringes, and tassels.

Here's a small selection of interesting books you may find useful:

Little Box of Knitted Ponchos and Wraps:

is a knitting book with 23 projects on laminated cards, As ponchos and shawls have already been among the most fashionable items over recent years, this knitting book provides 20 trendy patterns that feed your desire for new and interesting clothes.

You will find styles for all occasions, from elegant evening wear to practical layers for daily use . Simple sizing and shaping make these projects perfect for not only yourself but also whipping up quick gifts for family and friends.

Lavish Lace:

Knitting with Hand Painted Yarns is a knitting book that has 14 patterns covering 14 scarves and shawls. Helpful hints make it easy to play with palettes of exotic textures, colors and create truly unusual & original items and will encourage you try out and buy slightly more adventurous yarns after you take a look at the spectacular yarns presented in this knitting book. It comes in full color, 80 pages

Baby Blankets:

is a knitting book with 15 easy-to-follow patterns that will help even first-time knitters create a memorable item for your own baby or that of a friends. . From a simple basketweave pattern to a blanket featuring a parade of safari animals, Knit Baby Blankets feel that you are a lifetime knitter because it gives you the confidence to make a baby gift that is uniquely personal and truly one of a kind.

Blankets, Hats and Booties to Knit and Crochet:

is a knitting book with beautiful blankets to swaddle, hats to coddle, and booties for your little baby. These knit and crochet confections for Baby are truly sweet. Fifteen coordinating sets of projects are just right for snuggling a new baby and delighting a new mom. You can create 45 designs in soft, subtle colors and timeless styles; 10 sets are knitted, 5 sets crocheted it contains designs that highlight the beauty of simple stripes, lacy loops, and motifs such as flowers, ducks, and pinwheels. This knitting book includes ideas for sizing projects up or down to fit larger and smaller babies. When you are a beginner and you really want to master knitting techniques and get the most out of you time knitting you simply must consider buying some knitting books. Knitting books are not expensive, and a widely available form normal bookstores, specialist knitting shops and also online.

Toby Russell runs which aims to offer a useful information resource for those just starting out in the hobby of knitting whilst also covering slightly more advanced information for those keen to keep unto date with developments in the hobby.

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