The Joy of Knitting and Crocheting
By Nancy Punter

If you are interested in knitting and crocheting you will find an enormous wealth of patterns and projects you can try. I have been doing both since I was quite young and I still enjoy this form of craft. If you have never tried either knitting or crocheting it can be quite helpful if a friend or family member does! This is how I learned many years ago. If not they do have step by step books which are available at your local craft stores or libraries. Some craft stores also offer classes which would be a good alternative if you have no one to help you learn and find books harder to follow. Once you learn learn the basic stitches and under stand the meanings of the directions you will be well on your way. Even though I have crocheted for years I do have a book which I keep on hand that explains various stitches and how to do them.

One of the projects that I have enjoyed making are a miniature snowman and santa clause which you can attach either an ornament hanger or a loop of yard to them and hang on the Christmas tree. Folks who come over during the holidays always ask where did I get them from and are pleasantly surprised when they find out I made them. These 2 items are crocheted and they also make excellent gifts.

There are also many books available in the craft stores which have patterns for each holiday throughout the year. Many items which I have made I have glued magnets on the back and can be placed on the refrigerator. When we were kids we rarely wore store bought slippers. Our Mom always knit slippers for us and we still make them to wear today. They are very warm as you use 2 strands of yarn at once to make them. Using 2 stands of yarn also gives you endless possibilities when it comes to the color of the slippers. These slippers come in 3 sizes baby, children's and adults. They are a sturdy slipper and easy to care for.

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Written and Produced by Nancy Punter

If you are interested in knitting or crocheting you will find and enormous wealth of patterns and projects you can try at I have been both since I was quite young and still enjoy this craft today. If you have someone you know who already does knit or crochet you can ask them for assistance in learning other wise there are many books that are available. Besides crocheting and knitting I have also tried many new things over the years including sewing, macrame and creating dried flower picture frames.

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