My Crocheted Portraits

I love to crochet from graphs. I would make afghans for children of teddy bears, panda bears, Spiderman and had so much fun doing it, that I decided to try crocheting pictures of people from graphs.

My first one was of Elvis Presley. I seen the graph online and downloaded it and made my crocheted Elvis portrait. I was quite pleased with it and it was so much fun, so when I found this site, KnitPro Web Ap, which has free to use online software for uploading photos and turning them into graphs, I got hooked on it! I decided to find some photos that I would turn into graphs and crochet portraits from them. First I turned the photos to black and white in my photo software. I would never try to crochet a colored photo! Not at this time anyway, maybe some time in the future I will tackle one.

So here is what I have done so far. I have Elvis, Jamie (my son), John Lennon, Hank Williams Sr, Buddy Holly, and Johnny Cash.

If you are interested in crocheting from graphs, I wrote an article called "Crochet Graph Pattern Tips".

Please note that I cannot give you a copy of my portrait patterns as I did not write them out. I just used the KnitPro Web Ap to turn a photo into a graph which I printed out. Then I used a pencil to darken in the light gray squares that I felt would look better as black and add to the completed portrait, and left the other light gray squares alone so I would know to do them in white. Then I followed along on the graph and marked off each row on the graph as I completed it. So if you want to do one yourself, just use that application with any photo to turn it into a graph, then go over it with a pencil to decide which light gray areas you want in black or white. That is unless you want to use gray yarn too, but that would be much more complicated. I commend your determination if you do decide to do so!!

Elvis Presley - This is the first one I crocheted a couple years ago. I actually made two as I gave one to my ex-sister-in-law, Becky, who is (and always was) a big Elvis fan.

Elvis Presley

Jamie - This is my son. He is the guitar player in his band . He had his head shaved when this photo was taken. Momma doesn't like it when he does .... (sigh)... I have no say in it when it comes to his hair (or non-hair) I guess.

John Lennon - I like the way this one came out with the shadows. Love the way his glasses came out too. My brother-in-law, Trevor, really likes this one. He's a big John Lennon fan.
John Lennon

Hank Williams Sr - This one was a challenge as it was wider to fit in the cowboy hat. I kept track of the time I put into this one. It took 43.5 hours. So I would estimate that every crocheted portrait would take about 40 hours to complete.
Hank Williams

Buddy Holly - I was not so pleased with this one. It does look like him, but I left out some shadows around his neck and left side around his ear. I think I should of put those in and it would of looked better. I seem to have lost the photo of my Buddy Holly crocheted portrait during my recent website move. I'll add it later if I find it.
Buddy Holly

Johnny Cash - I like the shadows in this one. I have come to the conclusion that photos with a lot of shadows make the best crocheted portraits.
Johnny Cash

John Fogerty - I was pleased with this one. But only Creedence Clearwater Revival fans recognize him, as this was from a recent photo and not from the way he looked back in the CCR days. I was always a big CCR and John Fogerty fan since I was a teenager!
John Fogerty

Not sure what who I will crochet next. I had ideas that I would have to pick from, but after all that, I don't feel like crocheting any more for quite awhile.... if ever.

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